Nissebanden - City2
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Experience Nissebanden in City2

Skovnissen PUK’s grandchildren – who are also called PUK – and also woodcuts – suddenly face face to face with their grandmother’s old niece band, LUNTE.
The two have never seen each other before. But Santa Claus has lost his good mood and the two magic star stones – just like in the Christmas calendar – and the oldest Santa and youngest Santa together to help him. See all playtime here.

The half hour story winds through Greenland and in and out of the popular songs – from dog sled rap to rice pudding. With a butterfly butter on!
When to help Santa Claus? – Or is one too old and the other too young? – Or is it just the two things together that finally make the mood ring?

FLEMMING JENSEN is again drawn in Lunte’s cousin and has taken the spoon in the right hand. The hat still fits! And as PUK’s grandchild PUK, the young AMALIE-MARIE NYBROE FELDMOSE is seen – as theater-goers will know from the lead role in the Shame’s daughter.
Last year, the two delivered a small performance built over NISSEBANDEN in the old water mill – now the trip in the new performance has come to GREENLAND.
But even if the performance is new, we do not release the songs for the old hits ….

Nissebanden can be experienced on the 1st and 2nd of December at. 17,
and on 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 22 & 23 December at. 14th