This year’s Sports Event 2016

Sport Consultation and Høje-Taastrup Municipality annually honor the sporting life in the municipality at a large event in City 2. Sports enthusiasts who have delivered a special effort during the year are celebrated here. For this year’s sports event, we will among other things honor honors, handball players, a boxer and an Olympic participant. The event will take place on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at. 11-13 that the square in City2 serije online, where the municipality’s sports associations help to create festive frames by inviting everyone to “Come-and-be-with” activities.

Each year, three awards are awarded – for the Sports Exerciser of the Year, Sportsman of the Year and this year’s “You make a difference” prize.

This year’s athlete is given to an athlete or a team in Høje-Taastrup Municipality , which has achieved a remarkable sporting result during the past year. Last year the prize went to IK Bueskydning’s World Cup team, consisting of Martin Dambo, Tanja Jensen, Sarah Sönnichsen and Erika Anear, who delivered outstanding results in 2015.

This year’s sports director is given to a youth coach or leader in Høje-Taastrup Municipality, who during the past year has made a great effort for the youth in the municipality . In 2015, the prize went to Archery President Roy Hansen for his great efforts in TIK Archery for many years.

This year’s “You make a difference” award is given to a local firefighter who has made a special effort for his club. Last year, the prize was split between the three sports leaders Børge Korsholm (from Hedehusene Tennis), Jan Kryger (from TIK Badminton), and Tobias Harpsøe (from TIK Volley), for their important efforts to promote cooperation between schools and sports clubs on the basis of the new school reform.

Everyone is welcome to visit City 2 on Saturday, November 5, and to pay tribute to this year’s prize winners!

The program for the day:
11.00: The
square opens and “Come-and-be-with” – the activities start!
Meet the municipality’s new minigolf club: Høje-Taastrup Minigolf Club
Get sweat on your forehead once with floorball with Sons of Hothouse Floorball High-Taastrup
Get started with the pedals with Hedehusene / Fløng Bicycle Club
Frame basket with B70 Basket
Cross blades with Taastrup Swing club
Jump and jump with Taastrup Gymnastics Club

Award ceremony: This year’s Sports Manager is presented by Mayor Michael Ziegler.


First half of honors.

12:10 pm:
Award ceremony: Sports athlete of the year. Covered by Michael Ziegler.

Award ceremony: This year’s “You make a difference prize”. Presented by Chairman of the Sports Council Jens Mountains

Second half of honors.

Gymnastics show – a true fireworks show completes this year’s sporting event!